Exhibitionplaces Berlin and Houston, Texas

On November 8, 2018, the evening before the 80th anniversary of the Pogrom Night of 1938, the vernissage of the exhibition took place at the Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin, the parliament of the State of berlin. Professor Alexander de Beer spoke at the opening. He is the son of the November Pogrom prisoner Walter de Beer who found refuge in Palestine in 1939.

Programm opening event

Siegfried de Beer`s son Marcelo donated the stripe with the prisoner number at the opening of »In the country of numbers«.
Gesa Hoppe and Christine Paté interpreting a piece of music by Werner Baer, one of the november pogrom prisoners of Sachsenhausen portrayed in the exhibition.

Impressions of the opening event in Berlin

Impressions Houston, Texas

Also on November 8, 2018, the opening at the Holocaust Museum Houston, Texas (USA), took place. Jason W. Levy gave remarks at the opening reception. Levy is the grandson of Julius Nathan, a November Pogrom prisoner of Sachsenhausen who emigrated to the US.

The exhibition in Houston
Jason Levy, pointing out the barrack where his grandfather Julius Nathan was housed. 2018, Holocaust Museum Houston
Wolfgang Chodan
Sven Hilbrandt
Hadas Tapouchi
Holocaust Museum Houston
Ron Halbert
Astrid Ley