»In the Country of Numbers, where the men have no names«
November Pogrom prisoners of Sachsenhausen: Imprisonment and exile

Online presentation of the exhibition by the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum / Brandenburg Memorials Foundation / in cooperation with the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Curator and project management
Dr. Astrid Ley

Vincent Thelang

Wolfgang Chodan, Ralf Butschkow

Yvonne Dörschel, Dr. Angelika Königseder, Arvid Peschel

Research assistance
Christian Becker, JT Buzanga, Howard Falksohn, Sven Hilbrandt, Dr. Anna Hirsh, Jayne Josem, Ari Lander, Monika Liebscher, Roberto Lopez, Charlotte Lünstroth, Carol Manley, Dr. Beate Meyer, Barbara Müller, Sören Schneider, Roslyn Sugarman, Bernd J. Wagner, Itamar Wexler, Ingo Wille

Exhibit management, documentation and image digitalisation
Stephanie Böning, Manuela Kirchhoff

Dr. Lee Holt

Frank Aischmann, Marcel Heberlein, Alex Krämer, Martin Mair, Arne Meyer, Volker Schwenck

Uta Rügner

Graphic design
Nicola Chodan, Antonia Härtel

Media design and technology und -technik
Wolfgang Chodan

The exhibition and the website were funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, the Axel Springer Foundation, the Federal Government (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media) and the State of Brandenburg (Ministry for Science, Research and Culture).

We would like to thank for all loans and donations. Without it the project could not have been realized. We are grateful to the children and grandchildren of the November Pogrom inmates for their willingness to confront painful memories and for sharing the stories of their families and highly personal objects with us.

Owners of copy rights concerning photos or documents that we could not identify in spite of careful research are kindly asked for notice.